Meet Sortly—the Smartest Way to Track Your Tools.

Track tools—and the rest of your business’s inventory—with a powerful, customizable tool inventory app. With Sortly’s flexible tool management software, your team can:

Track the location of hundreds of tools—so every tool is accounted for, even if they change hands or locations.

Keep track of who checked out which tools, when.

Easily monitor your tool quantity and condition so you know when to order more.

Manage your tools in minutes.

Still using a spreadsheet as a tool tracking system? Save time and reduce human error with a tool tracking app that works right on your phone, tablet, or computer. With Sortly’s tool inventory software, you’ll enjoy:

A full visual, in-depth look at every tool your business uses.

The ability to review tools across multiple locations, job sites, or trucks.

Scan tools in and out with the in-app barcode and QR code scanner (or connect a third-party scanner).

Never misplace a tool again.

Without the right tools in the right place, your team can’t get the job done. Sortly’s tool tracking software capabilities can help you track your tools, know when you’re running low, and reduce unnecessary travel or delays to grab misplaced tools or parts.

Sort inventory by location—and double-check what’s where before work begins.

Create customized alerts for low stock, warranty end, and expiry dates.

Set minimum threshold amounts for each tool and get notified when it’s time to reorder or replace.

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A customizable, flexible tool tracking app.

No business tracks its tools in quite the same way. Sortly’s flexibility allows you to finetune your approach to organizing, tracking, and managing your unique tool inventory.

Organize your tools how you’d like (by location, item type, status, and more).

Decide what custom details to track for each tool.

Attach manuals, warnings, instructions, and more to each tool in your inventory.

Tool tracking software built for every kind of user.

Sortly was designed for everyone—even employees who’ve never digitally tracked inventory before. Thanks to Sortly’s intuitive interface, there are no trainings or manuals required.

Use Sortly on devices you already own.

Bulk upload your current inventory spreadsheet right into the app.

Get friendly, helpful customer service whenever you need it.

Sortly tool asset tracking software features.

Easy Inventory Import

Easy inventory import transfers your existing inventory into Sortly with the touch of a button.

Item Entries

Item entries so you can track inventory items and key details (quantity, location, cost, and more).

Item Photos

Add item photos to your entries to create a visual inventory and track appearance and condition details.

Custom Folders

Custom folders so you can organize your stuff exactly how you want it.

Custom Fields

Custom fields so you can track the unique details that matter to you and custom-segment your items.

Inventory Lists

Inventory lists perfect for audits, budgeting, or forecasting.

User Licenses

User licenses so you can collaborate with your team and even your clients.

Customizable User Access

Customizable user access ensures you share the right info with the right people.

Activity History

Activity history provides visibility into user updates so you know who did what, and when.

Experience the simplest inventory management software.

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